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Based out of Orlando and currently a Senior Graphic Designer for IBM Global Business Services. Also a digital artist, his work consists of prints, paintings and acrylic glass. The artwork varies in subject matter, ranging from geometric patterns to vector abstraction. As a web designer, he builds brands and works to refine his clients’ presence on the web and improve the end user experience through design. Nelson studied Graphic Design at Savannah College of Art & Design in 2005 and has since worked as a designer for small businesses and large corporate clients.

Acoustic guitar, acrylic painting, digital photography, traveling, and record collecting,

Suprematism, Constructivism, El Lissitzky, Alexander Rodchenko, Saul Bass, De Stijl, the Futurists, Nam June Paik, Zaha Hadid, Frank Stella, The Designer’s Republic.

“Design is so simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.” – Paul Rand 

Nelson Martin


Client List:
IBM Global Business Services
Lockheed Martin
Northrop Grumman
Darden Concepts
Mother Falcon Clothing
Thornton Park District
Knetik Media



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